A small rural town situated in the midst of fertile grasslands between the foothills of the Skyreach mountains and the forest of Sylanaya.

Primarily a human settlement the town sits on the main crossroad between the port city of Dresh to the north-east on the coast of the Grey Sea, the Elven city of Ilyandriath in the forest of Sylanaya, the city of Beneth, capital of the Northern Realm to the south and the Dwarvern halls situated in the Skyreach mountains to the west.

The towns economy revolves primarily around cattle and sheep farming. Some of the farmers also grow wheat or straw rather than paying for it to be brought in.


The Travellers Inn
Many merchants and travellers pass through the town and often need a place to stay for a night or two. The in is modestly sized with 6 small rooms on the ground floor – little more than a cell with a straw bed – and 4 larger rooms upstairs, each with 3 straw beds and a window.

The common room is of modest size with a bar along one wall and 8 round tables spaced evenly around the room. Each table can seat 5-6 people comfortable or up to 8 at a squeeze.

Out the back is a small stable and yard.

Shoe & Shovel Smiths
A small smiths and forge sits on the corner of the central square of the town with a small stable on the side.

Helmet’s General Store
A small general supplies store for the local towns folk and travellers.

Erastil’s Bounty
A small house of worship devoted to the god Erastil, a god of the hunt and of farming. The church doubles as a butchers shop selling meat gathered in the various hunts undertaken by the towns hunters and by the patrons of the church.


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